A Lone Wolf

just curious about who visits my blog

(if anyone)


Guys, school has made me seriously sick due to my anxiety, all my professors say I look really sick, I just want to be at home

Guys, school has made me seriously sick due to my anxiety, all my professors say I look really sick, I just want to be at home

OMG you guys…

i just signed up for a transvestite dating service, please don’t judge, i’m just bored and curious. 

anyone want to come with me to Sweden in fall-ish for like two weeks?

anyone, with the exception of a boy named Sam and selective few other boys. mostly anyone who is single (or not) who doesn’t want to go on this trip mainly to try to hook up with me… so i am looking for a platonic friend that wants to remain platonic to come with me on this trip (sorry for the b.s. boy troubles lately)

i want to go by myself, but i think it is best to go with someone

Having a breakdown to the point where I need a semester off of school and freaking out over my classes….
I need someone to talk to about what to do

My first building i made in minecraft, the central train station

i finally learned how to screenshot on my toshiba a few weeks ago, because the buttons are different than on most computers, soo…. i am going to post some things i built on minecraft last year!!!

should i get ducks or peafowl??

i want to start a new project this year.

my first idea was to keep ducks and hatch them myself and raise them and such. but I would have to get 20 eggs in order for it to be not so expensive, in which i would mostly get mallards and let them go and live “wildly” in my backyard and come and go as they pleased, and have the others be domestic ducks to keep and add a water garden and collect eggs from them

my new idea now is to get peafowl, and start raising peacocks and peahens, I can probably get about 6 and they would be cool to have, plus i believe i can have them be free ‘ranging’ during the day.

the cost of both is about the same, and i don’t want both because of finances and it would be too much to take care of that many birds, so please help me make the right choice!!!

I don’t get it….

I have this roommate and a friend, they always party and junk and part of a sorority. I could care less about what they do, with the exception that they always come into the room and talk about the dumbest shit ever…
1. They talk about sex, who they fuck and why they can’t go somewhere because they will see that said person who they fucked, because it would be “awkward” adding confusion they always mention how comfortable they are with themselves that they can fuck whoever they want.
2. They talk about parties they go to. How drunk they were and how drunk everyone else was and that it was fun.

They seriously don’t go into more detail than what I explained above, and I don’t get it and I don’t care, but their chatter is tedious and I am now starting to wonder if they’re trying to do this to make me jealous or want to hang out with them or whatever, but it is annoying, and apparently this has to happen in my room.